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Word to the Wise
by Eva Simmons

Release Date: June 28
Cover Reveal: May 24

Tortured Hero, Biker's Daughter, FMC in Peril, Redemption, Trauma/Healing, Forced Proximity, Touch Her and Die

Adventures of a Bookworm
by Kathleen Brooks

Release Date: June 28
Cover/Title Reveal: June 10

Rom-Com, Contemporary, Virgin FMC, Billionaire Boss, Book Club Friendship, Fake Dating, BDSM Lite, Law Enforcement, Doctor, Romance Checklist, FMC Self-Discovery

Fallen Stars
by Persephone Autumn

Release Date: June 27
Cover Reveal: May 29

LGBTQ/MM, Best Friends to Lovers, Different Social Classes, Fake Dating (but not between the MCs), Mutual Pining, Hacker, Local Rockstar, Small Town Meets Dark-ish

Oh, You’re So Cold
by Saffron A. Kent

Release Date: June 28
Cover Reveal: May 31

Twin Brother’s Girlfriend,Twin Switch, Long Distance/Texting, Slight Age Gap (7 years), Indian (desi) American Heroine, Bollywood References

The Fake Out
by Jenni Bara

Release Date: July 1
Cover Reveal: May 20

Baseball Romance, Black Cat FMC, Golden Retriever MMC, Roommates, Best Friend/Teammate's Sister, Curvy Heroine

Rebel Heart
by Brighton Walsh

Release Date: July 1
Cover Reveal: June 4

Small Town, Childhood Friends/First Love, Enemies to Lovers (but he’s actually been in love the whole time), Forced Proximity, Roommates, Second Chance, “Fuck it”

by Samantha Leigh

Release Date: July TBA
Cover Reveal: June TBA

Grumpy x Introvert, Hot Hockey Player with a Ranch, Shy Girl with Big Dreams. Forced Proximity, He Shows Her a Whole New World, Slow Burn

Brooklyn & Eden
by Mackenzy Fox & Dakotah Fox

Release Date: July 7
Cover Reveal: May 28

rogue cowboy, single mom/single dad, close proximity, accidental non divorce, "my wife", second chance, shared custody, workplace

Seduced by the Senator
by Susan Arden

Release Date: July 10
Cover Reveal: June 7

Dark Workplace Romance, Billionaire Boss-Intern, Enemies-to-Lovers, Age Gap (12 years), Primal Sex, Secret Society, Grey Alpha MMC, ONS goes off the rails, Touch her and you die, BDMS Edgeplay: breath and pain play, Revenge Subplot

Summer in Kentbury
by Claudia Burgoa

Release Date: July 10
Cover Reveal: June 7

Friends to Lovers, Forced Proximity, Vacation/Time Limit Romance, Mild Hate to Love Vibes, Small Town, Long Distance, Billionaire Romance, He Falls First

Fourth Wall
by Vee Taylor

Release Date: July 11
Cover Reveal: May 30

Single Mom, Bodyguard, Friends to Lovers, Fake Dating, Knife Play, Former Military, Mental Health Rep (PTSD, addiction/alcoholism)

Queen of Jupiter
by Nacole Stayton

Release Date: July 15
Cover Reveal: May 29

Why Choose/RH, Found Family, Rockstar Romance, Female Tatooist, Enemies to Lovers Vibes

The Best of All
by Karla Sorensen

Release Date: July 16

Hate to Love, Forced Roommates, Single "Parent," Forced Guardianship, Grumpy v Sunshine, He Falls First, Slow Burn

Disco Bar
by Tori Ross

Release Date: July 16

Polyamory Romance, Bisexual Romance, MMF, Age Gap

The Plays We Fake (audio) by Brooke O'Brien

Release Date: July 16

Opposites Attract, College Football, Virgin Heroine, Secrets, Lies & Betrayal, Small College Town, Interconnected Standalone

Bourbon Promises
by Walker Rose

Release Date: July 18
Cover Reveal: June 4

Small Town, Vegas Wedding, Marriage of Convenience, Grumpy/Sunshine

Chasing Forever
by Scarlet Avery

Release Date: July 18
Cover Reveal: June TBD

Brooding Hero, British Accent MMC, Angsty, Overprotective Billionaire, Hero Obsessed, Second Chance, Emotional Tearjerker, She Doesn't Know She's in Danger, Touch Her and Die Vibes

The Love Bandits
by Angela Casella

Release Date: July 18

Enemies to Lovers, Bad Boy, Morally Grey Hero, Fake Dating, Burglary, Madcap Romcom, He Falls First, Small Town (but also city setting)

Shattered Veil
by Deborah Garland

Release Date: July 19
Cover Reveal: May 1

Mafia Hacker Boss, Sassy Assistant, They meet on a plane/ ONS, Mistaken Identity, Age Gap, Surprise Pregnancy, Enemy’s Daughter, No Third-Act Breakup, HEA Guaranteed

Savior Complex
by Crissi Langwell

Release Date: July 19
Cover Reveal: June 12

Soulmates, Small Town, Friends to Lovers, Curvy FMC, Forbidden/Off Limits Love, Cowboy Romance, Secret Affair, Cheating (not between MCs), Cousin's Fiancé

Victoria Falls
by B.J. Hill

Release Date: July 19
Cover Reveal: June 5

Enemies to Lovers, Forced Proximity, Academia Romance, Love After Divorce, Divorce Love After Trauma

Yours Truly
by Daisy Jane

Release Date: July 19
Cover Reveal: June 6

Enemies to Lovers, Small Town, Tattoo Artist MCs, Former Reality Star MMC, Dubcon Chastity, Femdom, Switch MCs, “You’ll Learn”

Pain in the Axe
by Daphne Elliot

Release Date: July 22
Cover Reveal: June 19

Divorced Exes, Accidental Pregnancy, Grumpy x Grumpy, Revenge, "It's always been you"

Book Boyfriend-ish
by Lisa Wells

Release Date: July 23
Cover Reveal: June 19

Opposites Attract, Grumpy/Sunshine, Secret Identity, Glamour Magazine Setting, Magical Elements, Forced Proximity, Fake Relationship, Fierce Protector

Falling Inn Love
by Erin Branscom

Release Date: July 22

Small Town Romance, Found Family, Forced Proximity, Always Means to Bee, Redemption, Orphan/Widow, Cozy Hallmark Vibes, Gilmore Girls vibes

Savage Kingdom Boxset
by Jennilynn Wyer

Promo Only: July 23
Cover Reveal: June 25

Romantic Suspense, Dark Romance, Enemies to lovers, Mafia RH/why choose, Older brother's best friends, MFMMM, Kickass FMC, Touch her and die

Claimed, Books 1-3
by Christina Mattingly

Review Tour: July 24

Book 1: BATTLE WITHIN: brother’s roommate, fated mates, imprinting, lovers in denial, First responder/EM, small town, polyamory
Book 2: TO TRUST AND PROTECT: fated mate/imprinting, unexpected pregnancy, emotional scars, small town
Book 3: UNWILLING AND DEFIANT (Novella): rejected mates, enemies to lovers, small town

Alone with You
by Aly Martinez

Release Date: July 25
Cover Reveal: June 12

Spicy, Enemies to Lovers, Second Chance, Twists & Turns, Emotionally Gripping, Romantic Thriller

Knot Really Engaged
by Kendall Hale

Release Date: July 25
Cover Reveal: June 20

Older Brother's Best Friend, Fake Engagement, Childhood Crush, Friend to Lovers, Girl Next Door, Vacation Romance, Billionaire Romance

The Student
by Skye Warren

Release Date: July 25

Secret Society, Professor/Student, Dark Academia, Ex-boyfriend's Father

Meant for Love
by Natasha Madison

Release Date: July 26
Cover Reveal: April TBD

Opposites Attract, Las Vegas Marriage, He Falls First, Different Worlds, Friends to Lovers, Marriage Pact

by Jenna Hartley

Release Date: July 26
Cover Reveal: June 12

Billionaire and her Bodyguard, Second Chance, "Road trip" - sailing, Forced Proximity, Best Friend's Older Brother, Protective Alpha, Former Military

The Phantom’s Vice
by Mindy Paige

Release Date: July 25
Cover Reveal: June 6

Dual POV, Real E2L, Stalking, Lady Napping, Masked MMC, Black Cat FMC, FBI Agent x Villain, First Love, He Can’t Feel (literally), Virgin FMC, Organized Crime, BDSM

Vows in Corruption
by Jocelyne Soto

Release Date: July 26
Cover Reveal: May 8

Billionaire, Age Gap, Workplace Romance, Marriage of Convenience, Single Guardian (Uncle)

What You Broke
by Samantha M. Thomas

Release Date: July 25
Cover Reveal: June 5

Spicy Small Town, Secrets and Suspense , Acts of Service and a Strong Female Main Character, Second Chance Romance, Enemies with Benefits, Characters in their 30, Mental Health Rep

King of Nothing
by Aurora Rose Reynolds

Release Date: July 29
Cover Reveal: June 5

Hurt/Comfort, Redemption, Self Discovery, Different Worlds, Secret Billionaire, Emotional Scars, Road Trip, Broken FMC/MMC

Memories of You
by Erin Brockus

Release Date: July 31
Cover Reveal: June 24

Second Chance Romance, Interconnected Standalone, Small Town, He Falls First, 1st Love, Family Drama, Gorgeous Tropical Setting

Whiskey Nights & Neon Dreams
by Ashley James

Review Tour: July 31

Spicy MM Romance, Girlfriend's Uncle, Grief with a hefty side of Hurt/Comfort , “It’s always been you”, Second chance, Rockstar—but make it country music—and a hot mechanic

by Lark Taylor

Release Date: August 1
Cover Reveal: June 27

PNR MM Romance, wolf shifter x human, chosen mates, friends/idiots to lovers , f*ckboi meets f*ckboi, co-dependency, found family, touch him and die, protective mc, alpha shifter mc

Embers in the Snow (AUDIO)
by Anna Carven

Release Date: August 6
Narrator Reveal: July 8

Antihero, Forced Marriage, Vampires, Different Worlds, Tortured Hero, Fated mates

by Claire Foster

Release Date: August 6
Cover Reveal: May 31

Small Town, Southern Romance, Second Chance, Best Friend’s Brother, Love Triangle, He Falls First, Reverse Grumpy Sunshine

by Samantha Skye

Release Date: August 6
Cover Reveal: June 26

Age Gap (20 Years; She’s30, He’s 50), Grumpy Hero, Opposites Attract, Billionaire/Small Town, Suspense, Spicy, Single Dad (older child)

Dragon Ascending
by Genevieve Jack

Release Date: Aug 8
Cover Reveal: July 1

Fated Mates, Dragon Shifters, Warrior Brotherhood, Zodiac/Aries Hero, Interrupted Wedding, Touch Her and Die, Heroine Trauma Healing, Invisible Disability, Secret Society

Fumbled Arrangement
by S. Jones

Release Date: August 9
Cover Reveal: June 24

Sports (Football) Romance, Vegas/Drunk Marriage, Reverse Grumpy Sunshine, He Falls First, Forbidden, One Bed, Mistaken Identity, My Wife Vibes

by Ashton Brooks

Release Date: August 8
Cover Reveal: June 10

MFC Plays Hockey, MMC Plays Hockey, Friends to Rivals to Lovers, Prank Wars, Darker Elements of J/P/O, Touch Her/Him & Never Skate Again, BC Tampering

The Dark Before Light
by L.M. Halloran

Release Date: August 9
Cover Reveal: June 26

Doctor/Patient, Second Chance, Dislike to Obsession to Love, Billionaire Romance, He Falls First, Suspense, BDSM/kink (light), Characters in their 30s, Female Domme, Alpha Hero, Posessive Hero

Where There’s a Will
by Ember Hughes

Release Date: August 9
Cover Reveal: June 18

Dark Romance, Cowboy Romance, Trauma Bonding, Second Chance, Who Did This to You?, Mute FMC

Hire a Cuddler
by Hope Ford

Release Date: August 12
Cover Reveal: July 2

Billionaire, Plus Size Love, Fear of Intimacy, Virgin Heroine, 15 Year Age Gap, Alpha Male, Fake Marriage, Small Town Romance

The Tighthead
by Charlie Novak

Release Date: August 13
Cover Reveal: June 28

Rugby Player x Nerdy, Drag Artist, Rugby/Sports Romance, Hookups / Friends / Roommates Lovers, Super Low Angst, Bisexual Exploration, Idiots in love

An Endless Memory
by Marie Johnston

Release Date: August 15
Cover Reveal: July 2

Small Town, Marriage of Convenience, Boss’s Brother, Single Mom, "My Wife"

Chasing Temptation
by Scarlett Avery

Release Date: August 15
Cover Reveal: July TBD

Former Navy SEALs, Billionaires, Age Gap, Tattooed in a Suit, Prime Minister’s Daughter, Opposites Attract, Good Girl, MFM Ménage, Forbidden Romance, Spicy Club Scene, Touch her and 💀 vibe

The Silencer
by Cora Rose

Release Date: August 16
Cover Reveal: July 16

MM, Dark Romcom, Mafia, Dubcon, Exhibitionism, Catacombs (light blood play), Unaliving in the Name of Love, Possession/ Obsession

by Brit Benson

Release Date: August 16
Cover/Blurb/Title Reveal: July 19

Rockstar, Fake Dating, Angsty

by J.L. Quick

Release Date: August 16
Cover Reveal: July 12

Mafia (Irish Mob), Instalust, Alphahole, He Falls First, Obsessed, Sharing With Friends, Sex Club, Touch Her and Die, Age Gap

Three Night Stand
by Roxie Noir

Release Date: August 20

Stepsiblings, Forbidden, ONS that Becomes More, ‘No Strings Attached,' Instalust, Small Town, RomCom

Devil's Pawn & Devil's Redemption
by Natasha Knight

Release Date: August 21

Enemies-to-Lovers, Secret Society, Forced Proximity, Alpha Male, Age Gap, Virgin Heroine, Heroine in Danger, Arranged Marriage, Billionaire

Chasing Desire
by Scarlett Avery

Release Date: August 22
Cover Reveal: July TBD

Former Pop Stars, Billionaires, Obsessed Heroes, Plus Size Heroine, Good Girl, American Girl in London, MFM Ménage, Forbidden Romance, They Fall First, No Third Act Breakup, Spicy Romance

End Game
by Yasmine Hayes

Release Date: August 23
Cover Reveal: July 10

Age Gap, OM/OW Drama, He Falls First, Slight Breeding Kink, Pregnancy, Interracial Romance

Selfish Desires
by Michelle Hall

Release Date: Aug 23
Cover Reveal: July 17

Second Chance , Morally Gray MMC, Spice in Ch2, Light BDSM, Destroy her to protect her, Groveling, 40 Somethings , “Good girl/sl*t/wh*re”

The Only Heart That Matters
by Lisa Shelby

Release Date: August 23
Cover Reveal: July 9

Small Town, Single Mom, Best Friends Brother/Best Friends Sister, Fake Relationship, Forced Proximity, Unrequited Love, Former Military, “My wife," Childhood Friends, Spicy, Dual POV

Taste of Surrender
by Kimberly Knight & Rachel Lyn Adams

Release Date: August 23
Cover Reveal: July 26

MM Romance, Brother's Best Friend, Rock Star, Second Chance, Forbidden, Secret Relationship

Embers in the Outfield
by Stefanie Castro

Release Date: August 29
Cover Reveal: July 15

Enemies to Lovers, Firefighter MMC, Strong Heroine, Found Family, ⚠️TW: loss of parents

The Heart Breaker
by Sara Cate

Release Date: August 30
Cover Reveal: July 19

Student/Professor, Surprise Pregnancy (not his baby), Grumpy/Sunshine, Roommates, Dom/Brat, Funishment (lots of spanking)

If You Were Mine
by Ida Brady

Release Date: August 31

Enemies to Lovers, Teacher romance, Alpha Male, Fiery Heroine, Curvy Heroine, Spicy Contemporary, Traumatic Past, Opposites Attract

Imperfect Match
by Vikki Jay

Release Date: August 31
Cover Reveal: July 17

Billionaire Romance, Marriage of Convenience, Small Town, Boss & Assistant, Secret Pining, Touch Her or Die, Secret Pregnancy, Only Smiles with Her

by Moira Leigh Gray

Release Date: August 31
Cover Reveal: April 29

Stalker MC, Abused FMC, OTT possessive MC, Consensual Nonconsent, Primal Play, Violence/Murder, BDSM Elements, RomCom

The Fouls We Make
by Brooke O'Brien

Release Date: Sept 6
Cover Reveal: July 5

Friends to Lovers, Football, Roommates, He Falls First, Secret/Off-Limits, Sexual Tension & Sneaking Around, Who Hurt You

Meant for Gabriel
by Natasha Madison

Release Date: September 6
Cover Receal: June TBD

Single Dad, Small Town, Accidental Pregnancy, Different Worlds, City Girl/Cowboy, Opposites Attracting , Vacation Fling

Knot Her Fight
by Ari Wright

Release Date: Sept 10
Cover Reveal: July 30

RH/why-choose (MFMMM), Sports romance (football and MMA fighting), Scared/damaged MFC, Alpha-hole MMA fighter MMC, Stern professor MMC, Broody Senator MMC, Cinnamon roll football star MMC, Black cat/ golden-retriever, Touch-averse MMC, Omegaverse/ fated mates

Truly, Madly, Deeply
by L.J. Shen

Release Date: September 10
Cover Reveal: August 23

Grumpy/Sunshine, Enemies to Lovers, Standalone

A Torturous Kiss
by Analee Giancoala

Release Date: Sept 12
Cover Reveal: July 26

MC Romance, Friends -> Lovers, Touch Her & Die, Sassy Heroine , Stoic MMC, Sexual Tension, OTT Jealous MMC, She falls first/he falls harder, Slow Burn, Mental Health

Arranged Vacancy
by Irene Bahrd

Release Date: Sept 13
Cover Reveal: July 3

Moderate/Left leaning Political Romance, Fake Marriage, Opposites Attract, Love Triangle, Forced Proximity

by Eva Simmons

Release Date: Sept 13
Cover & Trope Reveal: July 1

MC Romance

Sterling Clay
by L.B. Dunbar

Release Date: Sept 12
Cover Reveal: July 25

Crush Revealed (& Acted Upon), Sexy Silver Fox, Single Mom, Roommates, Small Town, Bit of Suspense, All the Heat!

Wildflowers and Wide Receivers
by Kathryn Andrews

Release Date: Sept/Oct TBD
Cover Reveal: July 1

Football Player / Sports Romance, Second Chance, Single Guardian, Pediatric Doctor, The One Who Got Away, No 3rd Act Breakup, Florida, Goldendoodle, Found Family

My Favorite Boss
by Melanie Moreland

Release Date: Sept 17
Cover Reveal: July 15

Workplace, Boss/Employee, He's Uptown/She's Downtown, Alpha Billionaire, Sassy Heroine, Fish Out of Water, Frenemies to Lovers, Opposites Attract, RomCo

Wild Kiss
by Kacey Shea

Release Date: Sept 19
Cover Reveal: August 22

Small Town, Secret Romance, Older Woman/Younger Man , Age Gap, Best Friend's Little Brother , Cowboy Hero
🎧Simultaneous audiobook release

by Kay Cove

Release Date: Oct 22
Cover Reveal: March 29

Billionaire, Marriage of ​Convenience, One Bed, ​Workplace, Friends to Lovers, ​Hidden Identity, Found Family

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